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Pricing Guide Example

Pricing Guide Example


Pricing Guide!


Benefits of using a pricing guide for muralists:


1. You know quickly if they are a client

Before sending this document I would have back-and-forth conversations and questions like "how much do you charge?", "How does your process work?", "How does the timeline work?" and so on. This document answers all of those questions.

2. Show off your best work

This is where I like to show my best projects and the big clients I have worked with. The pricing guide acts as a perfect spot to highlight your very favorite type of work/style/client and work to further attract projects that fit your dream client mold

3. Gives a good first impression

This can speak volumes about the quality of your work, show's that you are organized and this speaks for the quality of your work.


I hope this is helpful when presenting potential clients your pricing structure! Ever since doing this, It has saved me so much time. Before you open and take a look, I want to note that muralists tend to price many different ways. A few examples:


  • By sq ft ($8-$25)

  • By the design

  • By the day

  • Hourly rate


My pricing structure is by sq foot and it increases if the design is more complex. This works for me because when I present them with the designs the quote is shown with the design, so there’s no surpsrises.


This document you can do it however you’d like, add your personality to it! Make it fun, but also professional looking. Also, show your best work here. 

Make sure your end of the pricing guide you have a call to action, meaning the next steps. If you don’t hear from them follow up.


If you have any questions or suggestions - feel free to email me

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