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Sarah Meitler is a muralist based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Who creates custom murals for mainly businesses and Air bnb's. She has her mural work in 13 states so far. She enjoys creating a whole new atmosphere with her mural work. Seeing how excited clients are when she finishes the mural is why she has such a drive to keep doing what she does.


I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have lived in Washington and Texas after graduating high school but made my way back home to Utah. I missed the Utah mountains too much!
I have always been creative and entrepreneurial growing up but never took art or painting seriously until I randomly picked it up when I was 20. I assisted a full-time muralist in Texas and thought it was so neat how he got to travel all over the world and paint. I quickly did a ton of research and started practicing painting until I got my first paid job.
Outside of mural work, I spend most of my time outside either hiking, backpacking or snowboarding. I love going to concerts, speaking events, or going on random trips and spending time with family and friends.
My goal is to get my mural work in all 50 states, as writing this I have 13 so far and hope to finish that goal by the end of 2024. 


50 Murals 50 States project


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