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My mural career started as a happy accident. While doing door-to-door sales in Texas, I started to create paintings in my small apartment with the only intention of distracting myself from doing the job I wasn't too excited about.  While looking for some extra part-time jobs I noticed a temporary job helping out a muralist for a large job. Although I only had 3 canvas paintings to show him he surprisingly agreed to let me assist. I was so amazed at how he got to travel out of state to this job and was able to be creative. Two of my favorite things.

Have you ever heard the saying that it takes meeting one person that can change your whole life?
That was that moment.

Since then, my career as an artist has evolved - from luxury Vacation Rentals to custom neon Bowling Alley murals and getting to work with some amazing clients. While I have been able to work with some incredible companies my favorite part of my job is still being able to travel and meet different people, as I write this I have my mural work in 15 states and will continue crossing off those other states.

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