Hello! My name is Sarah Meitler, I am a muralist based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I create custom murals for mainly businesses and Air bnb's. I love creating a whole new atmosphere with my mural work. Seeing how excited clients are when I finish the mural is why I have such drive to keep doing what I do.


When I tell people how I got into murals, they are usually really surprised ( I am too haha). To sum it up, when I went to college down in Seattle, Washington on a tennis scholarship, shortly after I dropped out and had no idea what I was going to do. Later on, I went down to Houston to do summer sales down (knocking doors) working for my brother. Ended up not enjoying it at all, but during that time I started to paint randomly probably to distract myself from the actual work I was doing. I kept painting for fun on canvases and found this opportunity to assist a professional muralist, I was so drawn to how he was making a living, traveling and enjoying what he was doing. That's when I started to really pursue painting and murals. I ended up moving back to Utah and did a TON of custom portrait paintings my first year. I slowly transitioned to large scale murals my second year and now I only focus on large scale murals.
Outside of murals I spend most of my time outside either hiking, backpacking or snowboarding. I love going to concerts, going on random trips and spending time with family and friends.
My goal is to get my art in all 50 states, as writing this I am currently at 10 and hope to finish that goal by the end of 2023.