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Five Ways A Mural Can Attract More Airbnb Bookings


I have one goal when I do murals for Airbnb's, and that is to create a more memorable experience, as well as to bring more attention to the Airbnb listing. Some people prefer to stay at white blank walls but, I have noticed travelers or tourists are looking for more of an experience. Murals add a personal touch!

Here are 5 different ways that a mural will enhance your listing and get you more bookings!

Eye Catcher While Scrolling:

People who are looking for a place to stay, sometimes scroll endlessly. Adding some color, or something that stands out will have them checking out the place. A well-designed mural can make your Airbnb listing stand out from the competition. It can create a unique and memorable experience for your guests, and make your space more visually appealing.

Instagrammable moments:

In today's social media-driven world, people love to share their experiences online. By adding a mural to your space, you're creating an Instagrammable moment that guests will want to capture and share with their followers. This can help increase the visibility of your listing and attract more bookings.

For more modern Airbnb's sometimes a mural will add too much for the space, so a lot of times I like to do murals in the garage or an outside wall. That way, there is still a way to create a shareable selfie wall while still having the place feel modern.

Local Flair:

As a fellow traveler, I know how much we all crave authentic experiences when we're on the road. By adding a mural that showcases the local culture and flavor of your city or neighborhood, you can give your guests a taste of what makes your destination so special.

I recently did a mural of Jimmi Hendrix in Seattle, Washington for an Airbnb. He was born there, so Jimmi's legacy will continue through Seattle. I really thought this was a great spot for a mural because when you walk in, it is the first thing you see. Local Flair!


Murals can tell a story and add personality to your space. They can create a sense of history, humor, or whimsy, and help guests connect with your space on a deeper level. if someone books with you and decides to come back, it creates an easy way for them to remember the Airbnb.

A Unique Selling Point:

There are a ton of Airbnb listings out there. And more and more are getting added each day. By adding a mural to your space, you're creating a unique selling point that sets your listing apart from the rest. This can help you get more bookings and stand out in a crowded market.


A mural can attract more bookings by providing an eye-catching design, creating Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, showcasing local flavor, adding a personal touch to your space, and creating a unique selling point.

To also point out - I have noticed with my mural work, using that as their first photo for the listing, it creates curiosity for what the place is.

If this has you getting giddy about getting a mural done. I'd love to check out your listing and give suggestions for ideas. Feel free to reach out and let's chat!

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