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My mural career started as a happy accident.

I've always had the entrepreneurial spirit in me. From pulling my neighbor's weeds at 12, starting a car detailing business at 15 and even teaching private tennis lessons on the side.

I ended up going to school on a tennis scholarship but quickly realized that was not my path.

After a year of trying different jobs and trying to figure out what I wanted to do as a career. I slowly started to paint for fun, mainly to hang some fun art in my room. I started sharing on social media, which slowly turned into doing custom paintings for people.

Since then, my career as an artist has evolved, completing over 100 murals - from luxury Vacation Rentals to custom neon Bowling Alley murals and getting to work with some amazing clients. While I have been able to work with some incredible companies my favorite part of my job is still being able to travel and meet different people, as I write this I have my mural work in 15 states and will continue crossing off those other states.

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