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50 Murals 50 States

Updated: Apr 20

When will you be done?

My goal is to have all the states done by the end of 2024. I'm crossing my fingers I can get it done that quickly.


I have found out about myself over the years that I thrive on road trips, I love meeting new people, discovering new places around the area and just overall exploring. completing the 50 states, will hopefully serve as a badge, so then I can teach other on how I did it and how they can do the same.

How the heck are you doing this?

Well, I'm trying to make this process as simple as possible. I will be getting most of my jobs through email pitching, LinkedIn groups and Facebook groups. I also have an assistant that helps me with various tasks. I have built up a solid contact list this year for each state that makes it quicker to check off that state. The goal is to have 4 months of mural work lined up and continue to do that.

I will be documenting my journey over on youtube, feel free to follow along :) and if you are an artist looking for help on the business side check out my artist resources on my website. Cheers!

Below are the states I have completed. 9 down. 41 to go!

#1 Utah

#2 Missouri

#3 Idaho

#4 California

#5 North Carolina

#6 Colorado

#7 Texas

#8 Nevada

#9 Oregon

#10 Arizona

#11 New Mexico

#12 Washington

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